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Here are the profiles of three of our members. You can see more profiles on the Members’ Page and we will be adding new ones each month.


Narine taught juniors as a primary teacher for years, which motivated her to write for children. In 2009 Penguin published her children’s picture book, Wheelbarrow Wilbur, realising a dream. She has 20 more children’s books waiting and wishes she could draw!

Currently, she is writing her first full-length play for a PANZ competition, 90 minutes in length. It’s ready to send, so she’s feeling chuffed! She has recently had some success with plays for PANZ – spaced out over a long time. Her play, A Word in Edgeways, was third in a PANZ competition last year, and another adult play, A Bag of Flour, was second in a PANZ competition in 2005. She has been re-motivated to try her hand at playwriting, and is enjoying the genre.


SunSun Lyoung Kim was born in Seoul, Korea and immigrated to New Zealand in 1996. She has lived in Whangarei for 18 years. She graduated from NorthTec in 2006 with the Diploma in Applied Writing and was awarded the PEN prize from the New Zealand Society of Authors, Northland Branch. Since 2010 she has been writing educational columns on ‘Delicious Education’- a subsidiary company of Cho Sun Il Bo.

She published ‘Becoming a Kiwi’ in School Journal Part 1 Number 2, 2006 – and ‘Walking on the Grass’ in School Journal Part 1 Number 4, 2006.From 2006 to 2007 she has published columns on a Korean web newspaper about New Zealand and in 2005 published an article about a Korean folktale story in Whangarei Report. She is currently working on translating David Hill’s book, ‘Right Where it Hurt’ into Korean.


Trish NicholsonAn anthropologist, photographer and writer of short stories and creative non-fiction, Trish survived a management career in Europe before spending fifteen years on aid and development projects and research in the Asia Pacific.

A compulsive scribbler, she began as a columnist and feature writer, later producing three non-fiction books on anthropology, management, and responsible travel. In 2011, she signed with Collca, a UK-based, digital publisher, to write eBook travelogues, Masks of the Moryons (Philippines), and Journey in Bhutan, and a popular science title From Apes to Apps: How Humans Evolved as Storytellers and Why it Matters. Her latest book, Inside Stories for Writers and Readers, a ‘companion’, is released by Collca in July 2013, their first in paperback as well as digital.

Trish posts weekly from her tree house articles on writing, travel and photo-essays: and chirps on Twitter as @trishanicholson

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