December NZSA Northland Member

Rosie Boom

Rosie BoomRosie Boom lives with her husband Chris and their six children on a small lifestyle block near Whangarei. She spent her childhood in New Guinea; it was there she wrote her first story at age nine. It won an Australasian competition ; the prize was a first edition copy of The Fellowship of the Ring– a treasured book for a budding author!

A number of her short stories and articles have been published in the N.Z. School Journal and in overseas magazines. She has had seven books published since completing a writing course in 2000. Her first series, The Gift of Values, reflects Rosie’s passion for family. The fourth and final book of The Barn Chronicles series was published in October 2013. The series has won three international awards and is now available as a boxed set. She is currently working on a devotional book and a children’s book.

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