Continuing our Introductions of Northland Members

Daniel Myers

Dan Myers

Originally from California, Daniel Myers re-settled in New Zealand in 1987. His experience in the publishing industry covers a wide spectrum: as a writer, he has published two novels: The Second Favorite Son (Hazard Press, 2004) and Corporate Blue (Reed 2007), and numerous short stories, essays and articles; and as publisher (AE Link Publications–publishers of language and safety training materials for pilots and air traffic controllers). He owns and operates both the Word|Link Literary Agency ( and Word|Link Writer’s Support ( which provides editing and manuscript assessment services.

In addition to his experience in the publishing industry, he has more than 30 years experience in the aviation industry as a pilot and air traffic controller, for which he is often employed as a consultant. He is currently dividing his time between New Zealand and New Mexico.

Contact Dan at WordlinkNZ[at]gmail[dot]com.

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