Focus on Northland Members

Piet Nieuwland


PietPiet Nieuwland is a poet who enjoys live poetry readings. He first appeared in the Globe Tapes (Auckland 1985) and has since read poetry in a wide variety of gatherings and forums throughout the country including Pechakucha evenings. His poems have been published in many places including Landfall, Live Lines, Mattoid, Takahe, Snafu, Take Flight, Tongue in your ear, Poetry NZ, online and the mural on the tunnel walkway in Whangarei. His most recent poetry booklet is Tzarinas Equinoctal. He also plays around with flash fiction. He is currently involved in Poets Exposed poetry readings in Whangarei and has just released a chapbook compilation of Northland poetry titled Fast Fibres Poetry.

He has worked as a forester for the NZ Forest Service and as a strategic management planner for the Department of Conservation and enjoys sailing, planting trees, vegetable gardening and the countryside.

Take Flight 
Te Ao Kikokiko


barbara Green


Barbara GreenBarbara completed a Diploma in Writing Stories for Children in 2012. She has a few stories in the pipeline, and hopes to join the ranks of published writers in the not too distant future. She works as a nurse,  and enjoys any time that she can spend with her little grandson. She is enjoying the world of reading to a child yet again, and gains lots of inspiration for her stories from her family, variety of pets, and from her surroundings on the beautiful Whangarei Harbour.

She enjoys being a part of NZSA, and gaining inspiration from all the writing talent around her.

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