Interim PenNorth

Members of the NZ Society of Authors – Northland Branch are advised that the 2020 branch AGM will be held on Saturday 7 March, 11am-2pm in Hikurangi, venue to be confirmed. This is to tie in with the visit of NZSA (PENInc.) president, Mandy Hager.

The purpose of Mandy’s  visit is to discuss the changes needed to update our constitution. These need to be notified to all the membership and voted on at the national AGM in May. Discussion points include:

  • governance,
  • board structure,
  • changes to the 1908 Incorporated Societies Act in 2020,
  • Creative New Zealand funding.

Call for Nomination of Northland Branch Office Holders

  • Chairperson: nomination received for Justine Payen. 
  • Vice chairperson: nominations required
  • Secretary: incumbent, Karen Phillips, is willing to continue in this position
  • Treasurer: incumbent, Kathy Derrick, is willing to continue in this position
  • Event Coordinator: incumbent, Kathy Derrick, is willing to continue in this position
  • PenNorth editor: nomination received for Trish Fenton
  • LAC representative for NorthTec: incumbent, Piet Nieuwland, is willing to continue in this position
  • Publicity Officer: Piet Nieuwland is willing to stand again if necessary

Sentence and Short Poetry Competition

A reminder that the sentence and short poetry competition closes on 29 February 2020. How to enter:

  • Email your sentences and poems (no more than 25 words each – up to a maximum of five pieces of work) in an attached document (Word or RTF files only please, NO pdfs) to northlandauthors[at]
  • Include in the document your name, email address, phone number and the Northland area you associate with.
  • NZSA Northland branch reserves the right to freely use any submitted sentences and poems (with attribution to the author) during the Tūhono Kerikeri celebrations in March and April 2020.
  • Entry into the competition constitutes agreement to the potential use of your work as stated. You will retain copyright to copy, publish, publicly perform, transmit and adapt your work.

Advertising in PenNorth

Advertising rates are as follows: NZSA Northland members can advertise in PenNorth for free, non-members can advertise for 50cents per word of advertorial copy.

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