PenNorth May 2020

As the world changes around us our vibrant local writing community continues to provide a life-line for readers and writers. We look forward to your company and participation in the range of events and opportunities available to us.

Next NZSA Northland Meeting

NZSA Northland meeting: Saturday 16th May at 10.00 am, via Zoom. Karen Phillips will provide the Zoom link with the agenda. (Note earlier start time, to allow for participation in the first NorthWrite event in the afternoon.)

Upcoming Events

First NorthWrite event:

Social Media and Blogging for Writers 1.00 – 3.30pm Sat 16 May

Presenter, Wendy Wickens will empower writers to develop their own blogging voice and a community of followers.

Wendy is a blogger with over 200 followers. She will discuss issues such as creating a genuine author profile, writing great content, easily increasing your engagement level, linking up with your social media accounts, utilising statistics, and understanding some of the basic technical points. Check out her website and blog at For more details on Wendy and her workshop visit the NorthWrite website.

NorthWrite: All NorthWrite sessions will be held on Zoom, $20.00 per person for NZSA members ($25 for non-members). We will advertise workshops to Northland writers first before advertising nationally. There are limited numbers so be in quick. All booking details will be available on the NorthWrite website.


All workshops are currently scheduled to be run on Zoom1
$20pp per workshop2

16 May (1.00 – 3.30pm)
Presenter: Wendy Wickens
Topic: Blogging for Writers

18 July (1.00 – 3.30pm)
Presenter: Caroline Barron
Topic: Tell Your Story: How to Write Memoir

15 August (1.00 – 3.30pm)
Presenter: Lynn Jenner
Topic: The Essay: Exploring a Wide Canvas of Possibilities

17 October (half or full day event – TBA)
Presenters: To be confirmed
Topic: This event will be run in conjunction with Book Week and may take a different format to the other workshops

21 November (1.00 – 3.30pm)
Presenter: Wendyl Nissen
Topic: Writing for Magazines

  1. If we revert to physical venues the cost per person will be increased to take account of any venue costs.
  2. Minimum numbers will be set for workshops (whether on Zoom or in person). If this number isn’t met the workshop will be cancelled.

To stay informed follow us at Updates will also be posted on the Writers Up North Facebook page.


Whangarei Libraries Flash Fiction Competition 2020 – Free entry!

Take the challenge of writing a complete and compelling story in 300 words or less and be in to win cash prizes.

Open to all Northlanders over 18 years

Closes midnight Monday 8 June 2020  

Other Opportunities

For information on other competitions and awards check out the Calendar of Opportunities on your NZSA website’s members-only page.

Members Books

A reminder that you can advertise your book with us in PenNorth. This month Kathy Derrick and Jac Jenkins share their ebook release of Scoria: Short prose from the cinder cone.

Scoria: Short Prose from the cinder cone is a collection of short prose by Kathy Derrick and Jac Jenkins. Just as geologists study the small bubbles and fragments that form scoria rock, these stories examine the small bubbles and glassy fragments of the human condition. With sections titled Arrhythmia, Severance and Elasticity, the volume explores themes of connection, separation and regeneration. Scoria is now available as an ebook from Smashwords, Amazon, Apple Books (search for Scoria) and Barnes and Noble.



We invite your participation: A link to your Blog, a video/audio recording of you reading your book/short story/poem, news, updates…

email: northlandauthors{at}


Please send us any little bits and pieces that you think might be useful for our Northland members. This includes any writing services you offer, links to useful (or fun) websites that you want to share, writing jobs you hear about, or even a request for a copy of an out-of-print book. Priority will be given to fresh content. Please refer to the contributors’ guidelines for requirements.

Please email Trish at northlandauthors[at] if you have any announcements, items of interest or achievements you would like included in this monthly newsletter.

Please note that email addresses in this newsletter are shown
using “[at]” rather than “@”.
This is to avoid spamming issues that have occurred in the past.
Please modify the email address prior to emailing the person.

Published by Patricia Fenton

“The way we were” I began my teaching career in New Zealand and later worked in international schools around the globe before being appointed to the International Baccalaureate with responsibility for authoring curriculum and professional development publications. In recent times, I’ve combined my passion for writing and education to produce my first novel, Beyond the Rimu Grove. My aim was to capture and communicate “The way we were.” I’m now working on my second novel entitled War Bride. It’s a fictionalized account of the life of my late mother-in-law, Pru Fenton who met and married her Kiwi soldier in Cirencester, England in 1942.

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